Rotary Dryer price of China

Rotary Dryer price of China

Description :

rotary drying SBE(also called rotary dryer)production is a material in a drying drum forwards and backwards through the heated rotary drying device.It is a major breakthrough and innovative equipment for drying according to the unique structure of th...

rotary drying SBE(also called rotary dryer)production is a material in a drying drum forwards and backwards through the heated rotary drying device.It is a major breakthrough and innovative equipment for drying according to the unique structure of the traditional drying cylinder,is divided into concentric sleeve and long sleeve jacket in two ways,coaxial sets of columns are important in the device,in which the Rotating cylinder by the bent and discontinuous spiral blade lifting plate material between the inner and outer lift cylinder and obtained during drying.Column structure housing shell(usually three drum dryer),so that the length of the dryer can be multiplied direct access,since the surface heat dissipation significantly reduces,resulting in a lower consumption of heat,while Doubling the heat exchange surface of the thermal efficiency is greatly improved.And then dry the material,and finally get the desired effect by the user.Rotary dryer generally applicable to granular materials can also be used to dry and partially mixed sticky materials,pasty materials,or higher water content materials such as clay,gypsum,coal,slag,gangue,mix dry mortar mixture Various materials,sand,drying iron powder,are also suitable for phosphate,various bulk materials drying in the production of raw materials of fertilizers and metallurgy,chemical industry,is the best material is a drying apparatus Heated correct choice.
1,high-efficiency thermal rotary dryer,energy-saving effect.After testing,the thermal efficiency is much higher than the traditional single cylinder dryer around the 50 percent level.After drying equipment put into use,the saving effect.
2,scientific and rational drying,energy efficient mechanism.Inner cylinder material and hot air to the radiation,convection,conduction in the form of a heat exchange,conduction of an outer tube exchange heat,convection and dry form.
3,to shorten the length of the aircraft,which facilitates the technical layout.Yankee dryer's shortest overall length approximately 40 percent,which reduces the floor space of the factory,with the exception of investment in construction,but also page configuration process more suitable for the transformation of old factory.
4,the machine uses the drying process downstream of the material and hot gas stream,a fan combination.Can be adapted to a variety of clay drying of raw materials,coal,slag,iron powder,also combined for the drying of metallurgy,chemicals and other bulk materials.
5,a compact machine structure.Machine arranged horizontally,using the wheel support means,the size of the gearbox canceled and replaced by the intermediate gear,which makes the installation device more convenient,Jian Pu to handle,more reliable,higher speed operation.
6,the automatic temperature control system,making the operation more convenient.
7,a variety of lifting plate design,inclined lift plate combined with the words organic lift plate,so that the exchange of material with the flue gas more fully,reducing the body's rolling Of generation of"tunnel"drying mechanism.
8,frequency control,drying equipment by the cylinder speed adjustment,water in the machine according to production needs,the appropriate speed needs to ensure that the next process.
9,the outer surface smaller than that of the machine to a dryer of a single rotating cylinder more than 30%,the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder has a heat-insulating effect,the outer cylindrical surface of the low temperature,the loss of Heat at the same time energy efficient,greatly improved working conditions and working environment.
Technical Parameter:
ModelSlope (°)Rotary Speed (r/min)Max-Input Gas (℃)Power (kw)Capacity (t/h)
Rotary Dryer price of China
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